SIMAK International s.r.o.

  • Accounting and Tax Consultancy

  • Car logbook administration

  • Company formation and registration

  • Double - entry bookkeeping

  • Single - entry bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • TAX declaration

  • VAT in Slovakia

  • Virtual office

Our partner: JK TAX, s.r.o. -

Accounting and Tax Consultancy

We are specializing in bookkeeping and accounting services for Slovak companies. Our bookkeeping services include maintaining weekly, monthly and yearly financial records. Advice on how to behave responsibly and sophisticatedly in finance administration with impact on the tax base and tax liability. Recommendations how to avoid the risk of sanctions for noncompliance with the legislative. Coordination of clients by choosing the right form of business, proposing alternatives and assessment of advantages and disadvantages of particular business forms.

Our way is cooperation based on a regular contact with client, a long-term partnership based on mutual trust.

Car Logbook Administration


Car logbook administration for all vehicles, review average driving fuel consumption, vehicle registration and elaboration of Tax declaration for Vehicle Tax.

Company Formation and Registration

We are specializing in discreet and quick SLOVAK Company Formation, READY-MADE Company purchase, registered address, bank account, VAT registration and virtual office. We handle the submitting of Trading License as well as the Commercial Register entry. Formation as follow: Slovakia Limited Liability Company (s.r.o.), Slovakia Joint Stock Company (a.s.), Slovakia Public Trading Company, Slovakia Limited Partnership, Slovakia Branches. Registration as follow: non VAT registered (ID, tax ID), SK VAT registered (ID, EU SK VAT number).

Double-entry Bookkeeping

We are providing services for accounting units obliged to keep a double-entry bookkeeping, sending regular, monthly-based economic results as well as preliminary calculation of the income tax for both registered VAT payers and VAT non-payers. Regular, monthly-based balance of account results of both customer’s and supplier’s invoices as well as other debts and liabilities.

Single-entry Bookkeeping


We are offering quick and flexible help and advice for self-employed person who needs to keep their accounts, claim real expenses and single-entry bookkeeping. Complex administration of your agenda on regular, monthly-based, reports containing review of your income and expenditure, assets, liabilities, economic results as well as preliminary tax liability.


We are offering payroll administration of full-time or part-time employees (Agreement on work performance, Agreement on students brigade work, Agreement on work activity. Employees entry, sign-off at Social Insurance company or health insurance companies, elaboration and forwarding of social and health security statements on a monthly basis. Elaboration of quarter reviews on deducted and advance income tax payables and tax balance. Registration letters of pension insurance at Social Insurance company in case of an end of employment. Consulting in the area of Human resources, payroll agenda fitted to client’ needs.


Tax Declaration

We guarantee to our clients Tax Declaration of the tax subject in case of tax audit of compliance with SLOVAK tax legislation and accounting procedures. Further specifications of particular steps are fitted for each client individually. However, our effort is to rationalize client’s costs.



For registered Value Added Tax (VAT) payers we can administer VAT statement on a monthly or quarter basis. It is not a problem to administer the agenda of payers using the ratio or Aggregate statement for VAT submitted in terms of legislative in electronic form.

Virtual Office

Our virtual office will provide communication and address services that allow you to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism. The address can be used for accepting, sending and forwarding mail. Open envelope scanning – our handler opens the mail and scans the contents, emailing or transferring the digitized documents onto a cloud-based file storage system that can be access by you immediately. The opened physical mail is then shredded unless further storage is requested.