SIMAK International s.r.o.

We are providing translation services for SLOVAK and foreign languages. Our translation services are supported by close cooperation with local sworn translators
and interptetors, attorny, distrainor and notary offices, tax and accounting professionals. These services are as follow:


All our translators are SLOVAK Native Speakers selected according to their specific skills based on the experiencie in particular sector, subject and category. We offer international translators as well and specialize in their executive search accordance to your needs, able to deliver any language combination. This process includes search by country, language, specific sector, evaluation and measurement of their quality, optimal price negotiation and hiring process. Our resources and networks help us to choose the right translator for you for their local price.

Every translation project has different requirements, therefore we offer you range from low budget to high top quality.                   Books:

  • Low Budget Translation – mainly for internal use or large volumes, not for publications

  • First Draft Translation – basic non business critical, not for publications

  • Second Translation – business communication without editing, proofreading

  • Third Translation – publications include editing and proofreading by third party

Stamp Certified Translation

All our certified translators are sworn and authorized by Ministry of Justice and together with notary services we cover all aspects for legal and official documents required in the official SLOVAK language. Adoption certificates, attestations, birth certificates, business documents, contracts of all kinds, credential of all kind, death certificates, declaration and testimonial, diplomas, divorce decree, exctract from the register of commerce, financial reports, insurance certificates, licenses, marriage certificate, and many more.

Proofreading and editing

All our proofreaders are highly experienced and experts in grammar spell check and formatting of your references. We make sure the ides you are presenting in your work uses an academic vocabulary and are delivered with showing changes we have made, so you can see the different between. In case of non Slovak proofreading, we are using only proofreaders with their own native language.

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All our interpreters are SLOVAK Native Speakers with minimum 15 years of experience in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. We can provide interpreters at short notice and in case of emergency we can locate an adequate substitute. We provide certified interpretation services for court of justice, government, private sector as well as for conferences, seminars and business meetings including the provision of interpretation equipment and logistical support.


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Translating, editing, proofreading

Translation Project Management


Translation Project Manager (TPM) is responsible for managing overall translation process from start to finish. According to project requirements TPM manage executive search of translators / interpreters by language combination, geographical area (native speakers by the country), subject matter (law, medicine, economics, government, IT, education, construction, etc.) terminology and references, which is very important for final quality of the translated text.

We do NOT hire translators via foreign agencies, we work with them directly, which enable us to provide you with Native Speakers for the local affordable price.


Project management in translation and localization projects involves identifying requirements, organizing a project plan,                    Projects:
then securing and managing staff resources to successfully complete and deliver the project. The degree of difficulty and
associated challenges with these tasks will vary from project to project.


Once the TPM has determined and verified the project scope, timeline and budget, the next major task is identifying staff
resources that are scaled to the size and delivery date of the project. TPM must look at the project from a monetary
perspective in light of scope, time and budget. TPM's main goal is to optimize allocation and implementation of staff
resources to achieve budget and delivery date goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Linguistic resources may be outside a resident translation services team, and will likely be located in country. All of this will be factored into the project schedule. In many cases, competent TPM will not need to go to vendor management, because their past history with a client and repetitious project needs will allow them to simply "know" with which vendors to work.


TPM is the primary person in charge of escalating issues for resolution as they occur during the project. Team members will communicate issues or project anomalies to TPM as they occur. An example may be a linguist discovering "truncated" text. TPM will swiftly identify who can resolve problems or issues, and what the next steps are to accomplish resolution. TPM must also keep the client informed of any issues that require client input for resolution.


Client review and final revisions: Many translation projects require a client's internal review or even in-country review (ICR). In such cases, requested changes, corrections and revisions come back from the client and require final edits to the deliverable files. TPM collates any requested changes, and then disseminates comments and corrections back to the production team. Final updated files are delivered back to the client by TPM after revisions are implemented and reviewed.


Obviously, there are a number of places in this chain of events where communications could potentially break down, or mistakes could occur. TPM have processes in step to help prevent these errors from occurring.


When selecting a translation company for your translation or localization project, you should ask to be introduced to your potential translation project manager.  This valuable and essential team member will be your main contact from project beginning to end.

CVs, cover letters, emails, memos,  proposals, blog posts and news, stories, essays, academic research papers, business letters, reports, product descriptions, white papers, legal documentations, book review and publications and many more.

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